How to Join

Saint Mary’s is a community of Christian disciples who are committed to a mission: “Experience Grace, Grow as Disciples, Make a Difference for Christ”.  As we live into that mission, we are guided by the values of Relationship, Worship, Maturity, and Stewardship.

Relationship:  Saint Mary’s places a high value on fostering committed, faithful, and mutually accountable relationships.  We understand that our relationship with God, in Jesus the Christ, both supports and informs the ways in which we related with one another and the community around us.  We are proud to be a member church in The Episcopal Diocese of Upper South Carolina.

Worship:  Every ministry of this church exists with an explicit and intentional connection to the proclamation of Sacred Scripture and the experience of God’s grace through the sacraments of the church.  We believe that worship leads us, as individuals and as a community, to reconciliation with God and each other.

Maturity:  Continued development of persons in their faith – intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually – is our goal for every person.  Living within the Anglican/Episcopal tradition, we seek to support persons of all ages as they become competent and engaged disciples of Jesus the Christ.

Stewardship:  The gifts that God has given us are to be celebrated, fostered, and used in a way that honors God.  These gifts include our talents, passions, time, and treasure.  Our community assists persons in discovering their gifts for ministry – both within the parish and the community at-large, so that everyone can make a difference for Christ.

The people of Saint Mary’s come from every walk of life.  As a regional congregation, persons drive from all parts of the midlands to participate in our worship, education, and service ministries.  We worship in a variety of settings and times, including a service in Spanish.  Our ministries are designed to lead persons of all ages into a closer relationship with God and each other.  It is our belief that one of the first gifts God gives to each of us is the gift of welcome…and we seek to share genuine hospitality with everyone.  We invite you to come and worship, grow, and serve with us.