Like the traditional Catholic and Orthodox churches, the Episcopal church has an eloquent body of writings and services available as the expression of our core beliefs and the format for much of our corporate worship.

Much of this is incorporated in The Book of Common Prayer, found in the pew racks of virtually every Episcopal church. However, while the services are largely written out for us, there is considerable latitude in the actual words spoken at a given service. The most obvious choice available is between the more formal language and structure of the so-called “Rite I” services, as opposed to the generally simpler format of the “Rite II” services. Even within a given service there are usually choices as to which prayers, readings, and responses are used, depending on the intent of the service.

There are also many opportunities for spontaneous prayer, or thoughts and meditations from other sources. At St. Mary’s, we make an attempt to offer a variety of liturgies and services; we hope you will find one which is perfect for you.